Fort Pierre Birding Workshop

Thursday May 10 - Sunday May 13,  2012.

The workshop is located in central South Dakota, based in Fort Pierre with focus on the bird species found on the mixed grass prairie and the Missouri River. Thursday is spent crossing the state and is a superb chance for shorebirds and waterfowl.

Doug Buri and Bob Janssen will act as guides and instructors. Doug and Bob have conducted extensive workshops for many years on shorebirds and sparrows. There was a lot of interest by those attending for a workshop that headed "west" to study that part of the world, which led us to Ft. Pierre. This past year the workshop filled very quickly so please plan accordingly.

This workshop is for anyone interested in the study of bird species and the environment found in this wonderful part of the world. We will be visiting the grasslands west of Ft. Pierre, the Missouri River bottomlands, Lake Oahe, and Oahe Dam that formed it. We also have exclusive access to some well known private ranches in the area, including Ted Turner's 141,000 acre Bad River Ranch. There will be a mix of field trips and classroom sessions. Your guides and local wildlife experts will conduct the classroom sessions. Our main focus is on bird life but we will touch on other forms of wildlife that live in this area.

This workshop is limited to only 20 participants. We only do small group workshops - this allows for better learning opportunities and ease of travel, etc.