Table of contents

   - Breakfast in Bern. (Go to story)

   - Spain but where am I ? (Go to story)

   - Early start in the Yucatan. (Go to story)

   - Gramps gets out of the car. (Go to story)

   - Hot water in West Texas. (Go to story)

   - Half way to Cuba. (Go to story)

   - The mouse gets revenge on Gramps. (Go to story)

   - A snoozing dog under every table. (Go to story)

   - Red chicken and the elephant. (Go to story)

   - I break the sound barrier in Peru. (Go to story)

   - A Grizzly Breakfast (Go to story)

   - Breakfast with Lucy and the Minnow  (Go to story)

   - Gramps and the Infamous Skunk Hunt  (Go to story)

   - Otto - My Hero (Go to story)

   - Aunt Ellen and the wicked gas pump (Go to story)

   - The Winter Shower (Go to story)

        I wrote these stories because I wanted to, and I enjoyed doing it. I hope you enjoy them too. Feel free to share the link to this web site with anyone who might enjoy them as well.


   Everything written here is absolutely true down to smallest detail. Should you believe the preceding sentence, I have $14,000,000 in a Nigerian bank that I would like to transfer to you. By the way the president of Nigeria says "Hi".

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